Home Remedies for Chest Pain

Chest pain is something serious for any individual.  The first thing which comes in mind during the severe chests pain is “Heart Attack”. Whatever is the reason for the chest pain, chest pain is very disturbing and irritating for any person.

This article, we will give a brief detail of some Natural Home Remedies for the chest pain. These remedies are so simple which you can try at home with a lot of easiness. There are so many reasons for the chest pain like digestive system disorder, gas, muscle strain or anxiety. Whatever is the reason of chest pain, these remedies are equally beneficial for all types of chest pain.

The list of home remedies for the chest pain include following remedies as given below,

  1. Almonds

If acid reflux is the cause of chest pain, eating some almonds can cause quick relief from the chest pain. You can drink the almond milk for a speedy recovery. Though there are no medical research-based evidence of almonds use for chest pain but this remedy is experienced by so many people and they pass to generation this remedy.

Almonds are high in fat, eating excessive almonds can even make it severe acid reflux. So, it is strongly recommended do not eat more than 3 to 4 almonds at a time.

  1. Cold Packing

When chest pain is caused by the muscle strain, in this case, icing the pain area with cold packs is widely accepted and trusted remedy at home. Cold packs will reduce the inflammation caused by muscle strains. Muscle strains can occur due to the sport,, exercise or heavy physical activity.

  1. Hot Drinks

Drinking hot drinks while having chest pain due to gas or bloating. Hot drinks are very helpful in booting the digestion process. One thing to keep in mind is that some hot drinks have more benefits as compare to other hot drinks. For example, drinking hibiscus tea is associated with a large number of benefits for your overall health.

  1. Baking Soda

Use of baking soda is another best home treatment for chest pain. Baking soda is being used for centuries to cure chest pain and heartburn. Baking soda is the most efficient home remedy for the chest pain caused by the gas or stomach acidity. Add baking soda in warm or cold water and drink it.

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This solution will produce an alkaline environment and will neutralize the acid generated from the stomach.  This acid is causing chest pain and irritation.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is being used to cure chest pain for centuries. This remedy is one of the oldest home remedies for chest pain. Though there is no scientific support for this remedy this remedy is experience based widely accepted and trusted remedy for the chest pain.

You can mix a clove or two minced garlic into a glass of warm milk. Instead of drinking mixture, people prefer to chew the garlic in order to gain maximum benefit.  Garlic reduces the probability of getting heart diseases and reduces the plaque accumulated in the arteries.

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